EXANTE broker: your first steps in trading

Stock trading appears to be one of the most common ways to increase personal capital. Warren Buffett, George Soros as well as other world-famous billionaires made their fortunes by making transactions on the stock exchange.

Of course, all of them once were beginners and took the first steps in the world of investments. Half a century ago, it was much more complicated than now. Today, independent stock trading is a common thing for millions of people. You can also have a try and stick with EXANTE founded by Alexey Kirienko.

How to start trading on the stock exchange

A novice investor can be attacked by many misconceptions and prejudices about investing in securities. For example, he might think that it’s difficult, there are a lot of scams around and it’s just a casino and so on.

However, if you have already coped with those prejudices, proceed to the next stage. So, you are expected to answer three questions:

· The purpose of your trading: Why do you want to start investing on the stock exchange?.

· Time: Do you have free time to grasp the basics of stock trading?

· Money: Do you have free capital for initial investments?

So, if you have time and a starting capital, you can risk, and at the same time you clearly understand your objective, then you are ready to have a try.

On the contrary, if a person fails to clearly formulate his investment goal, then it is better for him to first determine it, and only then begin to study the topic. By the way, the goals can be different:

· I just want to try trading on the stock exchange.

· I just want to receive a passive income of at least 10,000 dollars per month.

· I want to earn for an apartment or my children's education.

The clearer the investment goal is articulated, the better it will be for a trader. A clearly defined goal will enable you to choose the optimal plan of action to achieve it.

If there is no money for your start-up capital, it does not matter. The process of studying stock trading can be carried out on a demo account. It can be opened free of charge at any broker. Thus, you can practice stock trading sacrificing only virtual money. EXANTE founded by Anatoly Knyazev will also enable you to practice demo trading.

If you lack time to explore the topic, then you can take advantage of two options:

· Spend several hours and learn how to form an investment portfolio by yourself. The advantage of this approach is that you will receive new useful knowledge and at the same time you will not overpay for financial services.

· Entrust your capital to professionals: In this case, you can save time and nerves but at the same time, you can still lose your money.

Choosing the right broker

To start investing, you do not need to come to the physical stock exchange. All transactions have long been completed online.

To access exchange trading, you need an intermediary. That’s a broker. It can be defined as a financial institution with a special license from the major financial watchdogs. Sometimes a broker is a bank. However, it can also be represented by a separate commercial organization. If you stick with the EXANTE broker, you will not be disappointed.

Then, you should open a brokerage account. There are three options for how to do this: to visit their office, to send notarized documents by mail, or to access the broker’s official website. In most cases, a brokerage account is created online because it’s fast and very convenient.

After opening an account, you need to transfer money to it to start investing. The payment details will be provided by the EXANTE brokerage company.

To trade on the stock exchange, a special program is required. It’s a trading platform. The Metatrader terminal is the most popular example. However, if you stick with EXANTE, you can use a cutting-edge terminal of their own development. It’s known for an exceptionally high level of usability. It won’t be a problem to have it customized with a single click of the mouse. Just drag and drop any window or panel.

The EXANTE broker offers you to trade 100,000 financial instruments from a single account. In this regard, the company has no rivals in the industry.

The broker demonstrates a fairly good reputation. It’s no wonder that the number of its clients constantly increases.

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