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How Can I Protect My Business and Myself from Lawsuit?

When you start a new business, of course you want to make a profit. However, that’s not your only goal. You also want to protect your business and yourself from claims and lawsuits. You want to minimize your personal and business risk exposure to third-party debts and mortgages, damage claims for your employees’ actions, product or professional liabilities, and consumer protection problems.

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Lifehacks to Get the Most Out of Your Mobile Devices

Smartphones are one of the biggest developments of recent years. Inside a generation they’ve gone from near unattainable symbols of privilege to nigh omnipresent necessities for business and your social life. There’s always room to use them more efficiently though, so here are a few tips to help you get the most out of your phone, whether you’re working through your commute, or getting friends together in the pub.

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How to CRUSH the CFA Exam

Taking the CFA exam is not easy. A lot of people have tried, a lot has also failed and it can’t be rushed. It takes several hundred hours to study for each of the three levels and if you want to pass, you need a concrete plan and stick to it through years of studying. To give you an idea, earning the full charter can take you at least three years to complete.

If you want to go through all CFA levels and pass, here’s what you need to do.

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How to Change an Ink Cartridge (Without Making a Mess)

Changing an ink cartridge should be a simple, routine task, but it can often end up in a mess or even in disaster if any of the steps are rushed or omitted. Many people dread changing a cartridge over, but sooner or later it has to be done, so it’s a good job online retailers like offer such great deals. Here’s how to do it with the minimum of fuss and mess.

One thing to note is that when a cartridge has run out, you should leave it in situ until you have the replacement to hand, as this prevents the printhead nozzles from drying out and blocking.

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What to Expect from US Dollar, Gold, and Oil in 2015?

The past 2014 will undoubtedly take its place in the history. That year risks had been growing around Ukraine and the Middle East. One of the main events was the collapse of oil prices. As early as in June, 2014 barrel cost about 115$, but in the last days of the year quotes slumped to  56$.

What shall we expect in 2015 year?

Oil market

Main reasons of oil prices collapse in 2014:

– Increase of hydrocarbons production in the USA from 9.8 to 11.5 mln barrels per day;

– Recession in countries of the European Union led to decrease in consumption and prices of hydrocarbons;

– Growth of supply in Iran planning to increase production twice and Libya’s return to the market;

Technological factor: improvement of technology of production and decrease of prime cost as the result.

Now you can witness disproportion between demand and supply – each day, it is produced for 600-700 thousand of barrels more than is required by market.

Analytics of the US investment banks assume that within two first quarters of 2015 year this index can grow up to 1,25 mln barrels per day. This factor will put a strong pressure on oil quotations so that we can see how Lows of 2008 year are refreshed. At that time, cost of Brent was 36$ per barrel.

US dollar

The main global currency was boosted by growth of the US economy which was growing with the fastest pace for the last 11 years. US department of commerce revised its GDP estimation and defined it up to 5% per annum. Such estimation was justified by a higher consumer demand  and expenses of business. It was the fastest pace since 2003. It was reported earlier that US economy grew for 3.9%.

Its intensive growth in 2014 lays a solid foundation for 2015 and we can expect that the US currency will be consolidated against its major competitors.


In conclusion let’s talk about gold. Since there is no inflation risk in the USA and on the contrary, deflation presses Europe, there is no ground for traders to invest in gold: savings are not depreciated. It can make precious metals less popular and quotes of gold may get to 1100$ per ounce.

Confident growth of the US economy will support global markets through 2015, whereas low oil prices will have a positive effect for the economic growth in general.