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Welcome to Sustainable Family Finances: Vlog #1

I hope you’ll watch instead of read, but here’s the transcript from my first Sustainable Family Finance vlog:
Hello and welcome my name is Darcy Rose Cronin, I would like to welcome you to my very first vlog post for Sustainable Family Finances.
I started this blog seven years ago together with my identical twin sister, and, boy, a lot has changed in the last seven years mostly mostly for the better. But I still have my own struggles and I have a lot that I want to share with you so let me share a little bit of the back story.
Basically, I started this blog together with my sister at a time when I was working full-time for the city and I was in a career that I wanted to be in, and yet my position itself with had just
started to feel creatively stifling. I realized that I just no longer had an opportunity to write and
that I was no longer in a position where i was able to work directly with sustainability which had been my passion since I was 13. So, my sister Miel had been working successfully in her
international development career and on the side had been working with her first husband on a blog called DINKSFinance.
After a year-and-a-half, it was the startup heyday of blogs and so after not too long she was earning about two thousand dollars a month as a side income and had continued to tell me when we would have conversations “Oh, you need to write a blog post on that oh you need to write a blog post on that, and for a long time I very much pushed aside, and was like are you crazy on too busy and I have that two kids and a job and not in a single like
Then finally I came to a point where I had lived in Denmark on exchange and a close friend of mine was getting married and he sent me a wedding invitation. I was just really deeply
saddened by the fact that i hadn’t been back and think at that time it was about in a decade. Most of all that my family had never, my husband and children, had never been to visit my host families and what I just considered to be my my motherland. So I just realized that I needed to do something to make that dream a possibility.
This blog was the kind of the vehicle that I chose to to create in order to make that happen. So, basically after about a year and a half of me working on this side, even though I didn’t actually earn any money on the site itself, I was able to save up through it and become more conscious
about our spending and to a lot of just kind of tweaks that we were able to make it so that we could afford the trip and so that was kind of my initial success with this blog.
But after my father died, which is now five years ago I there’s a lot to it but basically it was challenging because we were getting the family inheritance and suddenly I felt like well now that I mean I’ve written significantly about me and my struggles of paying off my student debt and just all of what those will the struggles of my finances at the time were and suddenly I was able to pay off my student loans and buy a car outright man. Before, we had been at one point when it looked like my husband might be laid off we were looking at whether we could do without a car so you know suddenly our finances were definitely changing and I felt like one of the key things with this blog had always been that I really wanted to be authentic with it with with my audience and that in and of itself with a struggle. When I first started out I actually for the first several months posted under the name of Green Mama, because i was just too afraid to put my name. But after a while, pretty much everyone that I knew that I really cared about knew that I was the one who was behind it blogging anyways. So at that point it just seemed really silly to kind of hide behind me that that alias.
But nonetheless it was definitely a lot for me to kind of step out of the closet to just be open about my finances. When I first shared with a friend of mine that my sister, Miel, had been posting her net worth online, she very much thought that it was bragging, and she was very critical and thought that there was a good reason why our finances should be taboo. So I listened to a lot of those fears and over the years I’ve definitely come to a place where now I have put our net worth out there online. Although it’s not something that, I don’t know, it’s kind of funny, I’ve never had a conversation in person with someone about it per se. So in some ways it kind of feels like it’s out there in cyberspace and not maybe that anyone even cares or pays attention to it. But regardless, it is out there an online, and no i’m not, and I guess what I’m what I’m saying is that I just really believe that us being conscious of our finances and being as honest with ourselves about it in the relationships that we have is that being authentic about it can make a big difference in our lives.
So let me check my notes… So, back to the place where I was struggling, like I said, so much has changed in my life. At the time we just felt like we were even though we both had formerly more money than we ever had, we were basically still living paycheck to paycheck. Happy with our higher level of income and lifestyle, and at the same time with struggles. I have to say that in five years later now we are lucky enough to own, and built Olivia Beach Camp Cabins in Lincoln City. We have what is now absolutely my dream home and I love all of this life that I’ve created. And, yet there are still definitely struggles, and in lots of ways I i feel like I’m still kind of just working to make ends meet.
I feel like in some ways that with this starting with this vlog that I am at a whole new chapter of my life and at the same time I think that we all, my sister’s net worth is maybe double mine. Yet, it’s been uncanny that at times we’ve basically have the same exact issues with our finances and so I think it doesn’t matter whether you’re living a dream house yet or whether you’re still working to manifest it, that by focusing on what you want that you’ll be able to being conscious of your finances that you’ll be in a better position to be able to help make them sustainable. L
On my journey here one of the things that has been a bit of a struggle with when I first started blogging about our finances my husband, who I affectionately refer to as Hubby, on the blog, he just, even though I tried to try to convince him otherwise, he thought that because I wanted to write and in the context of our finances that I wanted to be the one with a hundred percent responsibility for them. And, over the years, I ended up picking on that burden almost pretty much a hundred percent. You know, none of the mail was opened by him, none of the bills were paid by him, and when we first started out our relationship I very intentionally set up a relationship so that we would feel very equitable. Yet, after particularly with three years ago that i left my city job, and that’s another whole story in and of itself, but in that time I haven’t had a steady income for the last three years and then have this burden of trying to come to make our our finances work on a limited income.
So we’ve struggled with it and and definitely has been and will be more recently have gotten counseling and along with that right around the same time that we started our marriage counseling. When we started working with a financial advisor and I highly recommend Linda Moreland with Thrivent and we’re having another your session with her today. We’ve had a lot of breakthroughs with our marriage counseling, but I think that part of it has been with our finances, and even though we’re definitely not all the way back to where where I’d like to be, I’m at a place where I feel like I’m ready to talk about our finances again, and be public about the struggles.
I think that with so they wrote them I said so with this first vlog post, I i just want to say that I’m not here to tell you all the answers or to expect that your life will be anything it’ll mirroring mine, and at the same time I I know deep in my heart that sharing and being authentic about my family finances, and me just being here on the journey together with my sister and all my other Sisters that I’ll be able to help you, and we’ll be able to help each other. So I’m very much looking forward to this journey and as at this new year I’ve been working with Mike Dooley. If you haven’t gotten his Notes from the Universe and all sorts of other wisdom he has a Love Your Life 30 Day Project for living your best life. So, I’ve been working through the exercises of that and I just like to teach you I’m kind of the visualization that created for myself around my finances. This year my theme is manifesting miracles and transformation and this last year was absolutely about a huge awakening for me and personal transformation, so I’m hopeful that this year will be about creating those miracles out in the world. So this is what I would love to see for myself:
I feel at peace with money and creating sustainable abundance for a family. I’m grateful for our amazing home and beach cabins, and being able to earn money from sharing them. I love being an Airbnb host and Google Local Guide. I love teaching Imagination Yoga and being able to vlog as a new joy in my life. I also love essential oils and and hope to be earning an income here soon from from Young Living Essential Oils. I love having a career that supports and celebrates my lifestyle. I’m happy to earn an income that serves my community and gives me everything that I desire. Most of all, I want to be able to be generous and to be able to connect with others.
So, I hope that this vlog post feels generous, and I guess I hope that you will continue this journey with me. I appreciate you so much. 
Sat Nam.
Darcy Rose

Year End Giving

Year End GivingAnybody who has ever worked for a non-profit organization knows that the last quarter of the year makes all the difference in an annual budget. As someone who started giving philanthropically early on, I also take time to reflect at this time of year and consider what causes are most important to me that I may not have had a chance to give to thus far this year.

Everyone’s giving looks different, but I find it personally interesting to see how and why people choose where they give (or don’t give). Here is an overview at what my giving looks like this year, and why.

Rotary International Foundation – As anyone who is an avid reader knows, I’m a big Rotarian and highly support the great work that Rotary does around the world. I started doing a $25 monthly contribution last year, ironically when I was first on maternity leave and without a consistent income in the future. I did it in part to manifest wealth and giving in my life. At the end of the year I also contributed extra to make use of a matching that was offered by our club. My total giving for the year will be $400, plus additional credit will be matched. – I am also now on the Board of Directors for, which makes the cleanest, safest, most fuel efficient stove in the world. As a new board member I have chosen to stretch myself and give an initial donation of $1000, along with my time and volunteer hours to leverage that funding even further. I realize that my grant making capacity makes a monetary contribution minimal in comparison, but I feel that it helps to show faith in the mission and support this incredible work.

Lewis & Clark College – I have also contributed to Lewis & Clark College for a number of years. Since I initially had a difficult time paying my way through LC, I feel particularly indebted to the institution that changed my life in so many ways for the better. I typically give $100 per year to LC. Perhaps one day I will increase this. – I haven’t gone to the same level of commitment as my sister has, with her experiment giving $1000 through loans with Kiva. I figured I should at least top off my current account and be inspired to give a bit more. I just gave to a women’s group in Burkina Faso. It is only hard to choose between so many worthy folks wanting a little help.

EduCongo – Another great cause that I support and just gave a to. My dear friend Lou Radja is a fellow Rotarian and does tremendous work with a school that he and his father built in DRCongo. For now I’m giving enough to pay for a year of school fees for a student ($60), but I will be attending a fundraiser for EduCongo in the spring and plan to give more then. I also hope to make it out to visit the school at some point as well.

While I may not feel as flush without a steady paycheck coming in, as I have most often enjoyed, I still feel that it is important to give. It creates a virtuous cycle and keeps the giving going.



Manifesting My Dream Home

Manifesting our dream home has taken us 15 years, but only because we had to believe in our dream before it came true…then it happened very quickly.

Early in our relationship, Hubby and I went to two parties at beautiful Craftsman homes (at his professor’s and a fundraiser…not exactly grad school housing ;-). All these years later, I remember the feeling of falling in love with the spectacular woodwork and charming details. I vividly remember looking at each other with the earnest hope that we would some day be able to live in such an amazing home. Now we do. My jaw still drops into a gaping smile when I pass my own threshold. (Check out my virtual home tour…it really doesn’t do the place justice with the narrow lens, but it gives you an idea).

I shared recently about how I manifested our first dream homes, but it’s been truly amazing to manifest our current home. It feels like nothing short of a miracle, but I know that it happened because I was methodical in my manifesting and took action to make it a reality. It’s similar to what I’ve read in books like Notes from the Universe, but these are my personal notes.

1)  Daydream from a place of security, rather than scarcity. I loved our home in inner NE Portland, and at the time when we moved in six years ago, I honestly couldn’t have imagined any place better suited for our growing family. Yet, after we had grown by two daughters, it came to mind that there would come a day when a one shower would be a challenge (and yes, I do think about how many people don’t even have plumbing or amazing water flowing from the tap, but I don’t recommend focusing on this too much while manifesting, unless you are ready and willing to manifest some real world change…so far, I’ve mostly left that job to my twin sister ;-). My point is that I came to the decision that we should move from a place of pondering the possibilities and building faith, rather than panic and doubt.

2) As soon I/we had make up my mind that we should move, I also declared my love for our home. Feeling the abundance is the best way to create more. When we shared our plans with our kids, I made a point to let the kids know that we should still feel blessed to live in our home. Our home would still make a lovely home for someone else and that stage of their lives. I made a point of mentally thanking and blessing our home as we steadily prepared it for sale.

3) From that place of feeling secure and blessed, I moved to expressing my gratitude. I made a full list of all the things I love(d) about our San Rafael home:

  • Charming & historic (1904 Farmhouse Victorian built by a former city councilor)
  • Beautiful and flowing layout (every inch of the space was well planned and spacious)
  • Nice size, big enough but not too big
  • Close-in in location – next to streetcar/MAX/bus, walkable to the Pearl and downtown
  • Shops and restaurants nearby…more every year
  • Huge backyard, shed, sand pit & fire pit, nice patio
  • Front and back porches
  • 3 bedrooms upstairs
  • Colorful and cheery
  • High ceilings and nice light

4) Next, I enlisted my family to write a list together of all the things we wanted in a home (I would hate to manifest something that didn’t work for all of us!) The trick with manifesting is to dream big and write a very detailed list (or visual collage if you want to get creative).

So, our family wrote out a “Wish List to the Universe.”

  • Historic charm, modern updates
  • Chimney for Santa & cozy fires, with a beautiful mantle
  • Space for an outdoor fire pit
  • 4 bedrooms (Kieran requested that his be “wide open for a queen bed”)
  • 2 bathroom, one with a bath tub, one with a nice tiled shower
  • Lots of light, lovely colors
  • Tall ceilings
  • Front porch
  • Room for picnic table, BBQ, hammock, garden pots and growing veggies
  • Finished basement – room for ping pong and playing
  • Close to the park, Miel, school, restaurants and shops
  • Insulated and efficient
  • Beautiful and peaceful
  • No need to fix much or remodel (I actually added the word “much” in the line after, thinking to myself that I couldn’t imagine being able to afford a house that wouldn’t need any work…now I wish that I hadn’t added that caveat…)

5) Immediately after coming up with our gratitude and wish lists, we came up with a list of actions we would need to take in order to sell our home. Everything from hire a real estate agent to stage our home. We prioritized what we needed to get done with a time line of about six tasks each month and a five month timeline to get our house ready for sell. We had made a similar list when selling our first home and with both where able to pace ourselves while somewhat smaller tasks while reaching a pretty huge goal. We posted this five month timeline on our refrigerator and checked off at least a task week until suddenly we had reached our initial goal of putting our place on the market by Memorial Day. The only radical change in our plan was that Kevin was offered his dream job in Astoria in early May, so we took a road trip to find our dream home. Yet, I know that his job offer wasn’t a fluke, but fate, manifesting our deepest dreams. The fact that we were able to sell our home in just a weekend for $51k above asking may seem like just a lucky market, but it was really a combination between believing in our dream home and taking consistent action.

Have you ever intentionally visualized and manifested your home?



Creating a Living Trust

pen estate planning living trust Sustainable family finances

As I get my financial and legal affairs in order, I’ve also taken the plunge and created my own living trust. This came about over the course of the last year or so, considering how I would want assets to be passed down to Clark and others. With my divorce, I’ve also had other legal changes that need to be recognized and dealt with (deeds changing over, moving bank accounts, finalizing taxes, etc), so the timing seemed right to deal with such matters.

What is a living trust?

A living trust is essentially your estate. This makes it clear what your requested asset allocation would be in the event of your death. It is also a way to avoid probate and make things easier for your family and ensure that your wishes are honored and that your family is planned for.

It has been helpful for me to consider how I would want my finances to be dealt with, and what I would want to go to various folks. Of course, we all want to live to a ripe old age, but planning for the possibility of death is essential to not only yourself, but also your family.

Life changes, plan for it to

I also have an interesting situation of wrapping this process up with a new partner. I started this process last December. In fact, between the time of making the appointment to talk about creating a living trust, and having the conversation with my lawyer, things had shifted in my life to the extent that I asked about how to plan for the possibility of a divorce. Now, as I end the process, I find myself in a new relationship that I see myself being in for the long term. I would have been planning for the possibility of such a relationship, but actually having the different scenarios in front of you is a bit different.

Avoid Taxes

The other reason to have a living trust is to help plan for avoidance of taxes. Luckily with the estate taxes as they are, and the number of people that I would leave various assets to, it would be unlikely for any of my benefactors to face taxes unless I have considerably more than I have today (which is hopefully the case).

Grow Up and Plan for Death

It definitely feels like I have my big girl pants on when planning for my trust. I created my first will when I left to Afghanistan in 2007, but articulating my wishes and looking at my finances in more details has been a helpful process. Similar to my views on a prenuptial agreement, I find it very helpful to have a plan for what you’d like things to look like in various situation or scenarios. What might change over the next ten to twenty years? It’s good to be prepared.

A big thanks to Lori Beight at Cascade Legal Planning for her help in setting up my trust.

Do you have a will or a living trust? Please leave us a comment to share about your process.

Be well,



Manifesting Our Dream Homes

The listing photo for our San Rafael home.

The listing photo for our San Rafael home.

I actually wrote this a full year ago (before we sold our Portland house, and bought our dream home in Astoria), but never posted it. I think I must have been too scared to believe, since it really didn’t feel possible at the time. Yet, before I share about manifesting our newest dream home, I thought I should finally post about our first experiences:

Our first dream home was a simple northwest-style cottage with cedar siding, hardwoods and plenty of lovely vintage windows. Before starting our search, we made up our wish list. The house matched it perfectly. It had just been flipped, so interior didn’t need much work, and we were able to focus our energy on designing and implementing my permaculture plan. We really wanted to be close to a park, and our place was so close to Arbor Lodge Park that I could watch dogs frolic as I washed the dishes. It was the perfect size for a couple, but as soon as I had Kieran, we suddenly felt cramped…for good reason; his nursery had previously been my closet.

So, we started to house hunt. We looked at just one home that we fell in love with, which had almost an identical layout as our current home…our Realtor could hardly believe how similar the two homes were. But we quickly realized that we couldn’t afford what we wanted…de ja vu to my recent experience of feeling a big financial gap.

By another year later, we did both save and grow our income enough to afford the house we really wanted. It’s good to remember how I manifested it to begin with. I’ve told the story to plenty of friends about how when we were house shopping we had found a descent place in the Beaumont neighborhood near many friends, but the yard was tiny, the layout wasn’t great, and the kitchen was atrocious (think pink tiles with inset electric burners!). So, one night as I was debating whether I could manage a full kitchen remodel, I decided that I needed to envision what it would look like. In my mind I created an open floor plan with a butcher block island in the center, open white cabinets, stainless steel appliances, pantry space, and a cozy kitchen nook. Then I painted it purple and smiled as I drifted to sleep…

Then, just as we accepted a fantastic offer on our first home, I found the listing. Touring the house felt like a dream come true, as I checked off all the details on our wish list, including my perfect purple kitchen.

We’ve lived in our lovely 1904 Victorian for six years now, moving in when I was pregnant with Makenna. Kieran was a chubby faced toddler when we moved in. Our family has literally grown here with peaceful home birth memories for both of my daughters. It feels like home in the best of ways, and it is a sentimental place for me.

Lately our home no longer feels like my current dream home, even though I kind of nudge myself to be grateful for all the beauty and comfort that surrounds me. I’m simply ready to manifest a new dream home.

So, my first step is coming up a detailed list of my new dream home…then feeling the joy inside…then keeping the faith that we will be able to make the leap.

Do you live in your dream home?  Do you believe in manifesting one?