Why IT Asset Management Software is So Important

When talking about the many wonderful advantages that can come from the use of IT Asset Management Software. This is something that many people in the IT world have seen the advantages come to them and wonder if this might be right for them and their needs. I am not one to say this will or won’t be a good thing to keep in mind. Nonetheless, this article is designed to help you understand many of the advantages that can come from the use of this and overall improve your productivity in terms of business. A few of these might actually shock you when you read them.

Theft is one of the largest things that many companies suffer from. When an employee gets fired, they may be tempted to steal something from the company in a way to get back at the boss. This can then lead to there being a loss of an item and if you are not tracking things the way that you should, lead to a serious issue in determine who it was that took the item. One example of this is simple. An employee gets terminated and decides to steal a lamp from the company. You can take your software and see that the lamp that is missing, was in their office, and there is no record of it being replaced or repaired. Then you can investigate as to if the employee stole the lamp when they were fired.

The ability to reduce and stop the purchases of things that are not needed. If you have 10,000 staplers, you will not need to order more of these for your business. This in turn will lead to you having a lot less money spent on what are referred to as maverick purchases. I advise my clients when possible, to try and out of their way to avoid these maverick purchases in the event that funds are already tight. This will help to ensure that you are not over buying things you don’t really need. This is one of the biggest areas of waste that you will see in business when you do an in depth look at their company and the things that they tend to waste money on. I had a client that came to me and wondered why they were spending a small fortune on Fax machines and yet seemed to never have any when they needed them.

I looked things over and discovered that in fact they had an overabundance of these that they had in storage, the guy that worked in inventory control did not log these into the system so they kept thinking they were out and ordering more. When it was all said and done, they had enough fax machines, they could have equipped a large office building. This is one example of how one item can make such and impact in your inventory control.

Knowing where every computer in your company is, will be a very important aspect of the whole process. I know several people will run their business and will not know where desktop computers, laptops, tablets and even smart phones are as they have no way to track these. If you loan out a tablet to a branch office, you need to know what item it was and where it was going so when you need to run an inventory, you have an accurate count and know where every item is and what the status of these items really is.

Companies will spend a small fortune in hiring people to come in all the time and look over their systems and their way of doing things. They pay outrageous amounts of money to have these professionals tell them the very things that they could solve if they had an effective asset management system. These companies will think that these experts are some sort of miracle workers when in fact, they are just that good at what they do and often times will have some sort of management software bundle that they will be trying to see to the company. The best bit of advice for this is to avoid these people and cut out the middle man and simply buy a system that you can use on your own and save the money and hassle.

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