How Has Brexit Affected Recruitment?

Last year, Britain voted – by a slim margin – to leave the European Union. While negotiations haven’t yet started, and the country will not be leaving the EU for nearly two years, we’re already beginning to see the effects that will be playing out over a generation to come.

Staffing and recruitment is one of the areas where we can already see big effects being felt. Businesses are trying to anticipate the changes that are due to come, and either tightening their belts, and having to let people go from jobs they don’t anticipate being able to fund, or looking around the for the skills they need to weather a potential crisis. Many businesses may be doing both at the same time: finding jobs to cut in order to fund new positions made necessary by the results of the Brexit vote.

Studies have shown at least half of job seekers are more worried about finding work in the after the vote to Leave, and worries that there will be more competition for jobs. The other side of this argument is that businesses will be struggling to fill positions left empty by EU Nationals who may no longer have the right work in the UK after the country leaves. These are often skilled positions, so this may create more opportunities for UK graduates.

John Ellis notes that “the biggest change we have noticed is a huge uplift in demand for Interim support”. Interim Management is one of the most recruitment fields to show the most significant growth, not just in relation in Brexit, but overall in the last five years. An Interim manager is one specialised in joining a company for a fixed period to help it through a specifiec change, or a challenging time. Interim Managers are to ‘temps’ as Specialists are to Doctors – highly trained and qualified and with expert skills in their field.

The sense of uncertainty that hangs over the next five years of British Business has boosted demand for Interim talent to unprecedented levels. Businesses look for Interim Managers to come in, embed themselves quickly in a business and lay in the foundations for serious change.

As a result, specialist recruitment firms dealing with Interim talent are experiencing a boom, and if you are looking at making changes to your business, or undergoing difficulties and financial hardship, you may find yourself consulting one, like Savannah Recruitment.

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