Lifehacks to Get the Most Out of Your Mobile Devices

Smartphones are one of the biggest developments of recent years. Inside a generation they’ve gone from near unattainable symbols of privilege to nigh omnipresent necessities for business and your social life. There’s always room to use them more efficiently though, so here are a few tips to help you get the most out of your phone, whether you’re working through your commute, or getting friends together in the pub.

Extend Your Battery Life With Screenshots

One of the biggest drains on your phone’s battery and data use is being constantly connected to the internet. If you’re trying to extend your phone’s battery time, and need to use to net to navigate somewhere, take a screenshot of the directions while you’re connected to a wifi network, then switch your phone to aeroplane mode. You can refer to the screenshot as you make your way to destination, without using up any more data, and far less power. You can also download sections of map from some navigation apps to complement your directions.

It’s also worth putting your phone into aeroplane mode when charging, as it charges much faster with it’s functions restricted like this.

Top Up While Travelling

If you’re travelling, for business or pleasure, topping up can be an issue. You might not be using your normal phone, and probably don’t have access to your usual financial resources. You can take the stress out by having either relatives or management (depending on the purpose of your trip) send mobile top up using international transfer services. This keeps you in touch, and gives those at home a way to contribute to your trip with no stress.

Keyboard Shortcuts to an Easy Life

You can simplify some of the most onerous typing on your phone by setting shortcuts to autofill the whole phrase when you begin typing. For example, entering your own email address is a tricky task, involving multiple symbols, possibly from multiple menus which you might have to do multiple times every day, to sign into networks or share your details for work.

With an iPhone you can avoid this by going into your General setting menu, selecting keywords, shortcuts and then designate what your shortcuts should be. You can then summon up cumbersome sentences with only a few characters of typing and save yourself time every day.

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