Lifehacks to Get the Most Out of Your Mobile Devices

Smartphones are one of the biggest developments of recent years. Inside a generation they’ve gone from near unattainable symbols of privilege to nigh omnipresent necessities for business and your social life. There’s always room to use them more efficiently though, so here are a few tips to help you get the most out of your phone, whether you’re working through your commute, or getting friends together in the pub.

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What Happens if You’re in an Accident Without Insurance?

The unthinkable has happened, you t-boned another car at a major intersection. Both vehicles are totaled, and the other driver is hurt.  If you could just turn back time, even 30 seconds, you would have put your phone down. That text message could have waited. You feel sick at the sight of the sight of the cars entangled, and even worse when you realize the other car was also carrying a child. You quickly check yourself for blood and injuries, when you hear the roar of an ambulance and fire truck pull up the scene of the accident.  You breathe a sign of relief someone must have called 911.  You climb out of your cars window because it’s too damaged to open the door, and are greeted by paramedics and firemen.

[Fast-forward about 30 minutes]

It was time to meet with police officers and officials to collect your information and to go over the accident. Again, for what feels like the hundredth time that day, you feel sick to your stomach. You remember you didn’t pay your auto insurance bill, and the company cancelled the policy.

It is moments like this that you realize why auto insurance is so important. It protects you from liability claims, it protects you from injury or death, and it protects your from other drivers without car insurance coverage. In the above scenario, since the driver at fault does not have insurance, that person is out of a car. If the driver were insured, insurance would have replaced that car. Because the person at fault was texting and driving, and the other driver got hurt the person at fault could get sued for negligence, for breaking a law, and be held responsible for the other drivers medical bills and car replacement. Since that driver does not have insurance, he or she could be out of a lot of money!

What if you get into an accident, and the other driver is at fault and does not have insurance (but you do)? Luckily that is where you insurance comes in handy. Your insurance will protect you from medical bills and will also cover the replacement of your car or car repairs.

Insurance is vital and it protects you. Of course nobody likes to see a monthly insurance payment come out of their checking account. It is even more irritating to see your bank account diminish from insurance payments when you’ve never needed it.  It the times of need: an accident, a cracked windshield, a tree falls on your car, you’ll be very glad you maintained your insurance. The monthly amount will be miniscule in comparison to the amount needed to repair a vehicle from a collision or damage.

Insurance gives you the assurance that you are covered and protected. It protects you and your assets from being sued. It may not always seem necessary because it is not used everyday, but it is. Protect yourself from loss and negligence of others. A car is your second biggest purchase in life. You want to be sure it is covered!

Careless Driving – a Brief Overview

We’ve all heard of careless driving, AKA driving without due care and attention. We also tend to lump this offense in with the others, like drink driving and speeding, but careless driving is a little bit more vague than other driving offenses.

A careless driving allegation can only stand if the prosecution can prove that your driving was indeed below the minimum standard expected from a careful and competent driver and that you weren’t showing consideration for other vehicles and pedestrians.

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Welcome to Sustainable Family Finances: Vlog #1

I hope you’ll watch instead of read, but here’s the transcript from my first Sustainable Family Finance vlog:
Hello and welcome my name is Darcy Rose Cronin, I would like to welcome you to my very first vlog post for Sustainable Family Finances.
I started this blog seven years ago together with my identical twin sister, and, boy, a lot has changed in the last seven years mostly mostly for the better. But I still have my own struggles and I have a lot that I want to share with you so let me share a little bit of the back story.
Basically, I started this blog together with my sister at a time when I was working full-time for the city and I was in a career that I wanted to be in, and yet my position itself with had just
started to feel creatively stifling. I realized that I just no longer had an opportunity to write and
that I was no longer in a position where i was able to work directly with sustainability which had been my passion since I was 13. So, my sister Miel had been working successfully in her
international development career and on the side had been working with her first husband on a blog called DINKSFinance.
After a year-and-a-half, it was the startup heyday of blogs and so after not too long she was earning about two thousand dollars a month as a side income and had continued to tell me when we would have conversations “Oh, you need to write a blog post on that oh you need to write a blog post on that, and for a long time I very much pushed aside, and was like are you crazy on too busy and I have that two kids and a job and not in a single like
Then finally I came to a point where I had lived in Denmark on exchange and a close friend of mine was getting married and he sent me a wedding invitation. I was just really deeply
saddened by the fact that i hadn’t been back and think at that time it was about in a decade. Most of all that my family had never, my husband and children, had never been to visit my host families and what I just considered to be my my motherland. So I just realized that I needed to do something to make that dream a possibility.
This blog was the kind of the vehicle that I chose to to create in order to make that happen. So, basically after about a year and a half of me working on this side, even though I didn’t actually earn any money on the site itself, I was able to save up through it and become more conscious
about our spending and to a lot of just kind of tweaks that we were able to make it so that we could afford the trip and so that was kind of my initial success with this blog.
But after my father died, which is now five years ago I there’s a lot to it but basically it was challenging because we were getting the family inheritance and suddenly I felt like well now that I mean I’ve written significantly about me and my struggles of paying off my student debt and just all of what those will the struggles of my finances at the time were and suddenly I was able to pay off my student loans and buy a car outright man. Before, we had been at one point when it looked like my husband might be laid off we were looking at whether we could do without a car so you know suddenly our finances were definitely changing and I felt like one of the key things with this blog had always been that I really wanted to be authentic with it with with my audience and that in and of itself with a struggle. When I first started out I actually for the first several months posted under the name of Green Mama, because i was just too afraid to put my name. But after a while, pretty much everyone that I knew that I really cared about knew that I was the one who was behind it blogging anyways. So at that point it just seemed really silly to kind of hide behind me that that alias.
But nonetheless it was definitely a lot for me to kind of step out of the closet to just be open about my finances. When I first shared with a friend of mine that my sister, Miel, had been posting her net worth online, she very much thought that it was bragging, and she was very critical and thought that there was a good reason why our finances should be taboo. So I listened to a lot of those fears and over the years I’ve definitely come to a place where now I have put our net worth out there online. Although it’s not something that, I don’t know, it’s kind of funny, I’ve never had a conversation in person with someone about it per se. So in some ways it kind of feels like it’s out there in cyberspace and not maybe that anyone even cares or pays attention to it. But regardless, it is out there an online, and no i’m not, and I guess what I’m what I’m saying is that I just really believe that us being conscious of our finances and being as honest with ourselves about it in the relationships that we have is that being authentic about it can make a big difference in our lives.
So let me check my notes… So, back to the place where I was struggling, like I said, so much has changed in my life. At the time we just felt like we were even though we both had formerly more money than we ever had, we were basically still living paycheck to paycheck. Happy with our higher level of income and lifestyle, and at the same time with struggles. I have to say that in five years later now we are lucky enough to own, and built Olivia Beach Camp Cabins in Lincoln City. We have what is now absolutely my dream home and I love all of this life that I’ve created. And, yet there are still definitely struggles, and in lots of ways I i feel like I’m still kind of just working to make ends meet.
I feel like in some ways that with this starting with this vlog that I am at a whole new chapter of my life and at the same time I think that we all, my sister’s net worth is maybe double mine. Yet, it’s been uncanny that at times we’ve basically have the same exact issues with our finances and so I think it doesn’t matter whether you’re living a dream house yet or whether you’re still working to manifest it, that by focusing on what you want that you’ll be able to being conscious of your finances that you’ll be in a better position to be able to help make them sustainable. L
On my journey here one of the things that has been a bit of a struggle with when I first started blogging about our finances my husband, who I affectionately refer to as Hubby, on the blog, he just, even though I tried to try to convince him otherwise, he thought that because I wanted to write and in the context of our finances that I wanted to be the one with a hundred percent responsibility for them. And, over the years, I ended up picking on that burden almost pretty much a hundred percent. You know, none of the mail was opened by him, none of the bills were paid by him, and when we first started out our relationship I very intentionally set up a relationship so that we would feel very equitable. Yet, after particularly with three years ago that i left my city job, and that’s another whole story in and of itself, but in that time I haven’t had a steady income for the last three years and then have this burden of trying to come to make our our finances work on a limited income.
So we’ve struggled with it and and definitely has been and will be more recently have gotten counseling and along with that right around the same time that we started our marriage counseling. When we started working with a financial advisor and I highly recommend Linda Moreland with Thrivent and we’re having another your session with her today. We’ve had a lot of breakthroughs with our marriage counseling, but I think that part of it has been with our finances, and even though we’re definitely not all the way back to where where I’d like to be, I’m at a place where I feel like I’m ready to talk about our finances again, and be public about the struggles.
I think that with so they wrote them I said so with this first vlog post, I i just want to say that I’m not here to tell you all the answers or to expect that your life will be anything it’ll mirroring mine, and at the same time I I know deep in my heart that sharing and being authentic about my family finances, and me just being here on the journey together with my sister and all my other Sisters that I’ll be able to help you, and we’ll be able to help each other. So I’m very much looking forward to this journey and as at this new year I’ve been working with Mike Dooley. If you haven’t gotten his Notes from the Universe and all sorts of other wisdom he has a Love Your Life 30 Day Project for living your best life. So, I’ve been working through the exercises of that and I just like to teach you I’m kind of the visualization that created for myself around my finances. This year my theme is manifesting miracles and transformation and this last year was absolutely about a huge awakening for me and personal transformation, so I’m hopeful that this year will be about creating those miracles out in the world. So this is what I would love to see for myself:
I feel at peace with money and creating sustainable abundance for a family. I’m grateful for our amazing home and beach cabins, and being able to earn money from sharing them. I love being an Airbnb host and Google Local Guide. I love teaching Imagination Yoga and being able to vlog as a new joy in my life. I also love essential oils and and hope to be earning an income here soon from from Young Living Essential Oils. I love having a career that supports and celebrates my lifestyle. I’m happy to earn an income that serves my community and gives me everything that I desire. Most of all, I want to be able to be generous and to be able to connect with others.
So, I hope that this vlog post feels generous, and I guess I hope that you will continue this journey with me. I appreciate you so much. 
Sat Nam.
Darcy Rose

How to Save Your First $10,000

Studies have shown that most Americans have less than $1,000 saved and a very small percentage have more than $10,000. This creates a situation where a financial emergency can become a disaster. It is important to have an emergency fund for situations where you may lose your job, need to buy a new car or do major repairs on your home. An emergency fund of $10,000 is a good place to start in creating your financial security. But how do you save that amount of money?

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